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Energy Efficient Windows - Built Tight to Keep Air Out

Air infiltration through your windows is a major cause of energy loss. When you choose energy efficient windows from Liberty Exteriors, you'll get sashes that are double weather-stripped and double-hung and sliding windows that feature full meeting rail interlocks. Combined with a top-notch installation complete with air-seal, insulation, and caulk; a lower air infiltration rate means the windows prevent drafts and keep you comfortable even in the worst weather.

Tests prove that modern windows save energy dollars. In independent air infiltration studies by Architectural Testing, Inc., modern, energy efficient windows rate significantly better than the industry standard and much better than major wood window brands.

Maintenance Freedom

Elements vinyl windows are constructed to be maintenance-free. Unlike wood or metal windows that can stick when they swell or deteriorate from corrosion, pitting, or rot, Elements vinyl windows never will. Wash them with soap and water and they'll look great year-after-year.

Because the base color is solid throughout, you'll never need to paint or stain these windows. The same properties that ensure their maintenance freedom also allow window designs that are easy to operate and clean.