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Windows Eau Claire

Windows Eau Claire

DOUBLE HUNGS: have been a window of choice for decades. Most older homes were designed and built with double hungs featured in many areas of the home for their dimension, ease of operation and simplicity in construction. At Elements Vinyl they have improved the design of the window with a tilt in feature to allow you to clean the windows from the interior. The sill is designed with a stair-step slope sill that allows water to drain out and resisting water standing and collecting un-sightly dirt and debris build up. Most vinyl windows have with a standard continuous frame for sides and bottoms.

CASEMENTS: are a window of distinct design and beauty with a European look. Combining old world charm with today's technology and efficiency makes the casement a great choice if your looking for the distinctive look it offers. Elements Vinyl casements feature a multi-point locking system and air-tight weather-stripping.

SLIDING WINDOWS: offer the advantage of being wider than they are tall. With this advantage you can choose between a double slider and for wider applications a triple slider. To combat the difficulty in cleaning these larger windows Elements Vinyl has designed a unique feature that allows you to open the window with ease in the same fashion as you open a door. It literally swings in so that you can stand next to it to clean it.

Vinyl Replacement Windows.

Vinyl replacement windows are hand assembled using only the best materials available. Each window is custom made in a unique process that allows for precise workmanship, consistent re-measuring and attention to every detail. This ensures a tight, trouble-free installation and higher energy savings.

Several interior and exterior colors are available. You can choose from many glass options including decorative glass with grids or etching. All vinyl replacement windows are custom made to size to eliminate re-framing or new trim. Additionally, a lifetime warranty is included along with this product.